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Now everyone can work with teambuilding

We dare say there isn't a team in Sweden that doesn't need Teamr. Teamr makes you better and helps you evolve together. Increase focus, satisfaction and efficiency, 100% scalable. 

Working in a team is fun and now you and your team can make it even more fun. Get Teamr and get started. This is team building at its best.


What is Teamr?

Teamr is a fun and effective team building service. Our clients who spend 15 minutes a week are noticeably more efficient. 


How does team building work with Teamr?

You will be given simple missions and challenges. Get Teamr, get your team together, answer the questions and you're off. It's easy to start and easy to finish right on your mobile.



  1. Answer the questions.
  2. Get a baseline picture. How good are you at team building? 
  3. Get your first mission. Now you have started your teambuilding journey!
  4. Work on the assignment for a week.
  5. Follow up on how it went. 
  6. Repeat. 


Is Teamr right for me and my team?

Teamr has been used by several Swedish authorities and large corporate groups, but also in small workplaces. 

Teamr works just as well in a sawmill as it does in a team of doctors, a team of teachers, a construction company or in the care sector. All you need is a team, the app and 15 minutes a week. 


Can I trust Teamr?

The content is entirely based on research and proven experience. The knowledge has been applied for decades in different workplaces. 


I want to try Teamr

Start subscribing easily and unsubscribe whenever you want. The price is 50 SEK per month per team member. 

What are your goals?

In fact, many teams lack a clear goal. This can make it difficult to work really well together. With Teamr, you get help - without the hassle and expense. 


Become a dreamteamr, you too

Research shows that a team works best when the goal is clear, when there is a structure and when everyone knows what to do. Interplay, development and commitment also play a role.

Be a dream team, too. It only takes 15 minutes a week. Teamr gives your team a common vision, better cohesion and a joy of working together.


Small change - big difference

It's about small everyday changes that make a big difference. Over time, you'll have more fun at work, more energy and improve the quality of what you do. How good does that sound? 


Facts about Teamr

  • 100% based on team research. 
  • Time-efficient, cost-effective and requires no travel. 
  • Provides quick measurable changes.  
  • Suitable for all groups that need to work together


What does Teamr contain?

This section asks you to answer questions that show the current state of your team. It is called the Team quality survey, or TQS for short.

Based on your answers, you will be given tasks to carry out together.

All agreements you make are followed up after one week. Did you do what you agreed? If so, what was the effect? If not, why not?

Tips & feedback
Teamr reinforces what you're good at through positive encouragement and feedback.

Fun challenges create a great atmosphere in the team. Challenges are voluntary.

Questions and answers about teambuilding with Teamr


Q: Teambuilding with Teamr - why?

A: Teambuilding with Teamr is fun, easy and smart. The team quickly becomes involved in its own development. Those of our clients who spend 15 minutes a week on Teamr measurably increase their performance at a low cost. The threshold to get started is low and it's easy to quit. 


Q: What team building exercises can we do?

A: It depends on your needs, the exercises are tailored and and start with you answering questions. You will also be able to identify if the group has problems that cannot be solved using Teamr.


Question: I work for a large company. Can I use Teamr in my team?

Answer: Yes. Anyone can start using Teamr right away, the requirement is that you are a team and have a common purpose and goal. 


Question: I work in a small company where everyone has different roles. It's a bit unclear whether we are really a team, but we still want to have more of a team feel. How should we think?

Answer: If you have an overarching goal, such as the company doing well, customer satisfaction, or joint meetings, Teamr will help you. 


Q: What can we expect if we start working with Teamr?

Answer: You can expect better well-being and higher quality. You will get help with goal setting, knowing what to expect what works well, do what you have agreed and know what needs to be changed to make things even better.


Q: Is team building based on science?

Answer: Yes. One part is the integrative model of group development, IMGD, by Susan A. Wheelan. Teamr's way of triggering many small adjustable behavioural changes is inspired by the Tiny Habits of Stanford professor BJ Fogg. The ABC model from behavioural science is also a big part of Teamr. ABC stands for activating new behaviours and giving consequences. 


Why Teamr?

Teamr makes going to work (even) more fun. Many of our customers see improved results in employee surveys and increased profitability. Read what three customers think, after trying Teamr.

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How do I get access to Teamr?

Get in touch and you and your team are off and running. 

What does Teamr contain?

A quality survey we call the Team quality survey (TQS), uus, tips, feedback and uchallenges.

Teamr's scientific basis

Integrative model of group development (IMGD), by Susan A Wheelan, Tiny Habits by Stanford Professor BJ Fogg and ABC model from behavioural science.

Download a presentation about Teamr.

About Teamr

About Teamr