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Leadership development - How to coach good leaders

Mebook is for those who work with individual and leadership development. Here you can test Mebook and become a certified user. Make development part of your everyday life.

What is Mebook?

Mebook helps you create small and large behavioural changes in leaders. It's a tool that will make you great at helping people achieve their goals. 


Who is Mebook for?

You can be a coach, teacher or consultant and work with, for example, participants in a leadership course or managers from a company.


What is the difference between Mebook and Teambook?

Mebook is for those who coach individuals and leaders. Teambook is for coaching teams.


What kind of leadership development does Mebook provide?

Mebook contains a library of services and you only use those that are needed. Giving feedback on what happens in everyday life creates small changes in behaviour. It's a great way to increase motivation. Mebook and small changes become a natural part of everyday life.

  • 360 special: Provides a good basis for leadership development. It helps leaders to get a structured picture of how their environment perceives them right now. It says nothing about future potential. 
  • Assignment: distribute assignments linked to objectives and challenges. Use Mebooks' ready-made ones or create your own. 
  • Lift each other up: pep up and support each other in small groups.
  • Follow-ups: which changes are implemented and which are not? Why?


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Can I trust Mebook?

Like all Skillnads products, Mebook is based entirely on science.


Why Mebook?

Mebook allows you to monitor and support behavioural change remotely and over time in the leaders you coach. Feel free to combine physical meetings with work in Mebook.

How do I access Mebook?

To use Mebook, you need to certify yourself. You can read about our certifications here.

Mebook's scientific basis

Mebooks' approach to triggering many small, adjustable behavioural changes in an individual is inspired by Stanford professor B. J. Fogg's Tiny Habits method and modern brain research. 

What does Mebook contain?

Mebook includes 360 mapping, follow-ups, tasks and learning groups.

Here you can download a presentation about Mebook.

About Mebook

About Mebook