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Want a boost at work? More team spirit? Now it's possible. We make a difference for everyone who likes team development. 

We think everyone can love Mondays. No matter who you are or what you do for a living. We've made sure it's easy, fun and for everyone. And we also know that increased team spirit at work leads to greater efficiency. 


How we create team spirit

Skillnad has been working with teams and team building since the early 2000s. The content of our services and certifications is based on everything we have learned since then, combined with smart research and science. As a natural part of our offer, we also provide tools for those working in leadership development.


Skillnad's team-building products and services work for 80 percent of all teams. The rest get to identify what's currently holding them back. Once those kinks are worked out, they can come back and continue on their journey. 

Our services for more team spirit

Skillnad offers four team development services: Teamr for everyone, Teambook for those who coach and Mebook for leadership development. Plus certifications and a test to take stock of your current situation.


Teambuilding with Teamr
We dare say there isn't a team in Sweden that can't use Teamr. This is a fun and easy-to-use service that everyone in the team uses. You do it on your own and develop together. Increase focus, well-being and efficiency! 100% scalable. Teambuilding for everyone!

Read more about Teamr


Team development with Teambook
Get certified and take on the role of coach. Then you can help your own team or several teams to become their best selves, and your tool is Teambook.


Leadership development with Mebook
Leadership development for managers at all levels. Similar to Teamr and Teambook but tailored for individuals.


Quality assessment with TQS
35 straightforward questions that give you a picture of the current state of your team. This self-assessment test is called the Team quality survey and is used in Teambook and Teamr.



Become a certified user of one or more of our services and use them to help others succeed.



Customers with team spirit

Skillnad's services work in large and small contexts and in all sectors. They are appreciated by our major customers such as Poolia,Telia, ICA and the Swedish Tax Agency. 


Reference cases - what our customers say

"Making an impact for real. That's why we work with Teamr."

Organizational & leadership consultant, major Swedish company

"It's a simple, motivating and fun way to have a more successful team."

Charlotte Jareby-Hellman, Vice President Poolia Sweden

"We had not developed in the way we have if we hadn't used Teamr."

Magnus Grönblad, Head of self leadership and team development, Telia Company