1. We start our first co-operation with Dr. Susan A. Wheelan
  2. The first visual model of IMGD is created
  3. We test different forms of team development processes
  4. The first version of Teambook is released, and we start the (then) largest team development project in Sweden together with Öresundskraft
  5. The Skillnad method (a clear digilogue process for team development) is developed, and we launch the campaign I love Mondays
  6. We present “The Digilogue Process” at Dr. Wheelans research conference in Philadelphia
  7. Public launch of Teambook
  8. Public launch of Mebook and Team Quality is established as a key model for team development
  9. Skillnad becomes part of Move Group
  10. Team Quality Survey is launched as the world’s first free measurement tool for teams
  11. We start partnerships with large international organisations
  12. We start to pilot Teamr together with Scania, Telia and ICA
  13. Public launch of Teamr